Simplified Management of
Mass Torts and Class Actions

Simplified Management of
Mass Torts and class actions

Purpose-Build Products & Services for PSCs and Leadership Teams

Purpose-Build Products & Services for PSCs and Leadership Teams

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LegalFees allowed the committee to quickly slice and analyze firm hours in ways not possible before…

Finally, the job no one in Leadership looks forward to is made simple with LegalFees

Our Products

Fee Management Made Simple
End the Spreadsheet Nightmare for Timesheet Submittals.
Explainable Fees that are Consistent and Fair.
Collaboration to Search, Analyze & Resolve CMO Compliance Exceptions.
Comprehensive Audit Trail for Tracking and Transparency.
Court-Ready Reports of Fees by Firm, Role and Classification.
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Complaint Tracking Made Simple​
Administer the Master List of Cases and Complainants.
Reconcile & Coordinate Statuses of Complainants.
Escalate & Integrate Counsel’s Information about Complainants.

What we do and how we do it

The legal landscape is perpetually evolving, accommodating complex and multifaceted cases like MDLs that involve multiple plaintiffs and often, an amalgamation of law firms. While mass tort cases provide an avenue for justice in scenarios involving large numbers of plaintiffs, they also present a unique set of challenges that are particularly acute for the leadership teams.

Standardizing Compliance to Court Orders
Purposeful Collaboration to Resolve Exceptions
Transparency & Auditability of Rules & Processes
Real-time Visibility with Search and Sort capability
Managed Accesses & Security to Information


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